Hubs and cores

The hubs/cores are made of durable white P.O.M. material making them lightweight and sturdy.

Alpha-Brush hubs have 30% more keyways (slots or grooves) for additional sanding contact and a wider variety of sanding applications.

The end-caps for the hubs are made of aluminum and can be ordered in any bore size.

Hubs are available in lengths from 25 mm to 2800 mm and can be ordered with straight or spiral keyways.

P.O.M. Disc

Alpha-Brush manufacutre three different diameters of sanding discs. Discs can be fitted with either a rubber O-ring (low RPM applications) or an aluminium over-cap (higher RPM applications). These discs can be used for a wide variety of sanding applications inclucing sanding the center panel of raised panel doors. All bore sizes are available.

Dimensions of P.O.M. Discs:

150 mm discs have 20 keyways and accepts 40 mm long abrasive strips
200 mm discs have 30 keyways and accepts 50 mm long abrasive strips
250 mm discs have 36 keyways and accepts 60 mm long abrasive strips


"UFO" or angled hub:

The UFO or angled sanding hub is designed for edge sanding of doors. The sanding strips are aligned in two directions for sanding the entire outside profile of a door or part. All bore sizes are available.

Dimensions of "UFO" hub:

125 mm/180 mm – holds 20 pieces of 30 mm x 30 mm strips per section
180 mm/240 mm – holds 30 pieces of 30 mm x 30 mm strips per section

Door package:

Order both a Disc and "UFO" for complete door sanding. Install on a shaper, single end tenoner, double end tenoner a "shape and sand" or a variety of sanding machines to greatly reduce hand sanding and increase production. 
All bore sizes are available.

Split end-cap:

Machined aluminum split end-caps are designed for easy removal of sanding strips without removing the off of the shaft. Split end-caps are available in all bore sizes.

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