Strip System

Alpha-Brush comes in either a Light-Flex or Medium-Flex strip. The Light-Flex uses a single row of backing brushes and the Medium-Flex uses a double row for added support and increased stiffness.

Strip dimensions:

Strips are available in a wide variety of trim heights: 26 mm, 32 mm, 47 mm, 62 mm and 77 mm.
Changing the abrasive trim height will greatly affect the brush stiffness and sanding action.

Both styles of strips are available in any length between 30 mm - 2800 mm and can ordered with abrasives or without abrasives for polishing applications.

Both abrasive strips styles are designed to fit most sanding systems in the market today!

Slashes / cut:

The sanding strips can be ordered in a variety of slash widths; 4 mm, 7 mm, 20 mm and 280 mm.

All abrasives are available in grits 60 – 600 or uncoated cotton for polishing. Choose from aluminum oxide, silicon carbide or zirconia.

The strips can also be ordered “double-sided”. Two dif-ferent grits can be applied to the same sanding strip for multiple applications. Any grit combination is available.

Alpha-Brush hubs are made to order and will fit most sanding/finishing machines.

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