Alpha-Brush Infinity

The Alpha-Brush Infinity brush machine is the perfect cost effective solution for small to medium size production shops. The Infinity incorporates innovative Alpha-Brish abrasives and is available in 600 mm, 1000 mm and 1350 mm widths and can be ordered with two, three & four sanding stations.

The Infinity brush machine is adaptable for a wide variety af sanding applications. It can be fitted with sanding rollers or sanding discs driven by a heavy duty conveyor system. All sanding rollers or disc stations are adjustable for speed, height and rotation. The height adjustment is measured down to 0,1 mm with SIKO counters.

The Infinity can be quickly and easily ad process a wide variety of applications such as: light stock removal, sealer sanding, denibbing, polishing or de-burring of profiled and flat parts for wood, metal, plastic and composite materials.


The Infinity machine is built with heavy duty motors, components and frame; designed for years of demanding use. The Infinity is a versatile and reliable machine that reduces hand sanding and gives uniform results part after part.

Changing abrasives is as easy as lifting the end-panel of the dust shield and sliding out one sanding station and sliding in the new one.

The Infinity brush machine has a small footprint and is mobile; use it when you need it and move it out of the way when you don't. The Infinity can be fitted with the alpha-brush strips system, alpha-flex system, nylon brushes, wire brushes and steel brushes.


Thickness of work piece: Min 0 mm - max 100 mm
Conveyor belt width: 600-1000-1350 mm (24"-40" & 52")
Conveyor belt motor: 0,75 kw
Speed of conveyor belt: 1-15 m/min or 0,5-7,5 m/min
Machine weight: 600-2000 kg
Machine dim. 2B-600: W: 1050 mm - L: 1700 mm - H: 1375 mm
Machine dim. 2B-1000: W: 1450 mm - L: 1700 mm - H: 1375 mm
Machine dim. 2B-1350: W: 1800 mm - L: 1700 mm - H: 1375 mm
Machine dim. 3B-600: W: 1050 mm - L: 2325 mm - H: 1375 mm
Machine dim. 3B-1000: W: 1450 mm - L: 2325 mm - H: 1375 mm
Machine dim. 3B-1350: W: 1800 mm - L: 2325 mm - H: 1375 mm
Machine dim. 4B-600: W: 1050 mm - L: 2950 mm - H: 1375 mm
Machine dim. 4B-1000: W: 1450 mm - L: 2950 mm - H: 1375 mm
Machine dim. 4B-1350: W: 1800 mm - L: 2950 mm - H: 1375 mm

Standard Features

  • 2,2 KW motors for sanding media (speed 100-700 rpm)
  • Easy changing of abrasives
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Digital height readout

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