Cross Brush Station 
2 powerful 250mm (10”) wide Cross sanding Brushes with excellent dwell time. The cross belt unit sands across the conveyor from the left and the right side. This provides an excellent edge-break on the sides of the parts. These units are also bi-directional and equipped with adjustable speed control.

15” Color Touchscreen Control
The easy-to-navigate 15” display offers full machine programmability, allowing customization of height, speed, pressure & rotation of all units. The PLC control has integrated error messaging and troubleshooting for fast diagnostics. Remote diagnostics further enhance maintenance efficiency, ensuring Robust Conveyor Drive System optimal performance.

Vacuum conveyor system
Heavy duty fabricated conveyor bed frame equipped with a 11 kw (15 HP) vacuum fan for secure holding of smaller pieces, as they pass through the machine. Automatically adjusted pressure controlled via damper based on AMP load.

Robust Conveyor Drive System
Engineered for reliable and efficient sanding operations. The system features a diamond pattern drive roller, ensuring a slip-free performance even under demanding conditions. With a frequency-driven gearbox for feed drive, this technology enhances precision and control in the conveyor system.

Alpha Brush

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